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PIE Cascade 561
DOB: 3/8/2011
Registration: 1483385
This Code Red daughter’s claves have performance while still maintaining a great phenotypic look. Her progeny includes PIE The Cowboy Kind 343, which sold for $75,000 in Pieper’s 2014 spring production sale. The clean front and phenotypic look she gives makes her a leading donor for our program.
PIE Fayette 1160
DOB: 3/10/2011
Registration: 1483428
A high performance female that is in the top 10% for weaning weight and top 11% for yearling weight in the breed. Her EPDs are backed up by progeny like PIE One Of A Kind 352, who’s weaning and yearling weights are in the top 1% of the breed. She is a cow that hits no matter what she is mated to.
PIE Stormy 541
DOB: 1/29/2005
Registration: 1062804
This cow is no stranger to the donor pen, as she continues to produce cattle that rise to the top each year. She is the dam of Pieper’s 2010 high selling bull PIE Code Red 9058. Code Red has sired tremendous females including many breed champions.
PIE Lakota 046
DOB: 2/4/2010
Registration: 1657332
A donor that has proven herself as one of the top cows in our herd. She is the dam of Pieper’s 2015 high selling bull PIE Stockman 4051; he is in the top 5% in the breed for weaning and yearling weight. She maintains great calving ease and birthweight EPDs along with producing high performing cattle.